Joni & Friends Documentary

Joni & Friends Documentary

Over 90% of families affected by disability are not in church. Joni and Friends Tennessee was started to change that! Their mission is to share the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to families affected by disability by connecting them to local churches, donating wheelchairs internationally, and running a family retreat every summer.

What a privilege to work with this organization to tell their story!

Taylor-Roman Photography

Client: Taylor-Roman Portrait Photography

Concept: To create engaging video content that captures the experience of working with Saray, as well as the importance of professional portraiture.

Deliverables: 3 short videos (“Introduction,” “The Experience”, and “Mother-Daughter Story”)


The Experience

Mother-Daughter Story

The services industry is so much more about the final product - it’s about your experience with the professional, how you collaborate to communicate and accomplish your goals, and how you get along in the process.

For Saray, creating an experience for her clients is what sets her apart. Her clients don’t have to worry about a thing.

People don’t just show up for a few pictures, they come for a spa-like pampering experience where professional hair and makeup artists take great care in creating the best look for camera, and she provides stunning wardrobe to make any woman feel like a queen.

I loved creating this video series for Saray. She has such a gift for portraiture and making her clients feel confident and beautiful - she did that for me, and I’m confident she can do the same for you!

Vastewine Explainer Video

Client: Vastewine

Concept: Buying wine can be overwhelming and confusing. We set out to create a video that would show how, by using the Vastewine app, users can find great wine at the best value.

Deliverables: A 3-minute explainer video, to be released on Vastewine’s website.

We collaborated with the team at Vastewine to create a punchy film that would appeal to a millennial audience. To do this we combined on-site filming at a local wine store with screen recorded footage using the app.

Behind the scenes of the wine pour! Ironically, I was pregnant for this shoot.

Behind the scenes of the wine pour! Ironically, I was pregnant for this shoot.

Nona: A Legacy of Faith

Nona: A Legacy of Faith

I was so honored to create this project for my family and tell my grandmother’s story.

Nona Louise McClure Platillero was a Knoxville-born, born again believer in Jesus Christ who spent the majority of her adult life with her husband Paco raising their six children on the mission field in Spain. I am one of 32 grandchildren.

She was bold for Jesus and shared His love and joy everywhere she went.

She spent time studying His word every morning for as long as I knew her.

She opened her home up to me when I needed a place to live during seasons of transition.

She has been faithful, in season and out.

She passed away on February 27, 2018, and was able to watch this film just a few months prior, on her 90th birthday surrounded by family and friends.

Crown 20-Second Commercial

Crown 20-Second Commercial

Concept: You can say a lot in 20-seconds. This video will be a great first impression for Chuck and everything will be taken into consideration - wardrobe, location, background, lighting and audio. After watching this quick video, viewers in Brazil will be eager to hear what Chuck has to say.

Deliverables: Film and edit a 20-second video that introduces Chuck and his trip through Brazil.