Production Day is Coming!

Here are some ways you can prepare for our arrival.

Selecting the best Interview Location


Does it Represent Your Company’s Brand?

Choose a space that represents your organization. Is there a room with the logo on the wall? If your company works in a particular industry, is there a room that displays some of your products or represents your services?

Can You Control Noise Levels?

Foot traffic, air conditioning, and machine noise are common audio enemies. Choose a location that can be closed off and is far away from elevators, kitchens, and busy hallways. If you are able to control the air conditioning in a specific room, cool the room down the day before so we can turn the a/c off when we begin filming. It is also a nice courtesy to end a memo to co-workers the day before to let them know a film crew will be coming in.

How’s the Light?

Diffused, natural sunlight is best for interviews. Too much harsh sunlight coming in through the windows or rooms that are very dark are not ideal, but either situation can be worked around with our lighting gear.

What is Your Seating Preference?

Stools (that do not swivel) tend to work best for interviews. We request at least three chairs of the same height for our interview subject, interviewer, and camera operator. If you do not have chairs that fit this description, please let us know.

What Size is the Room?

In most cases, the larger the space we have to film the interview, the better. Ensure your office desk is tidy and that any clutter or paperwork are put away. Walls that feature interesting texture such as exposed brick or wood can add visual interest to the background.

Arrival & Set-Up

It generally takes at least one hour from the time we arrive on site to the time we press record on our cameras. This process includes unloading gear, scouting the interview site, and setting up camera, lights, and audio.


Let us know any special instructions we may need to get through security, park our vehicle(s), and load in our gear before we arrive to ensure a smooth start to our production day.


Are there areas of your facility that are off-limits to film? People who have specifically requested not to be filmed? Please send us any forms our crew needs to sign for access at least 48 hours in advance.


Do we need to wear specific safety gear like jackets, boots, helmets, or safety glasses while on site? Let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

Production Checklist

Production Start Date
Production Start Date
Please include the person's name and title.
Are there elevators to additional levels in your building?
Ensure that the following things are taken care of before our arrival: