Crown 20-Second Commercial

Concept: You can say a lot in 20-seconds. This video will be a great first impression for Chuck and everything will be taken into consideration - wardrobe, location, background, lighting and audio. After watching this quick video, viewers in Brazil will be eager to hear what Chuck has to say.

Deliverables: Film and edit a 20-second video that introduces Chuck and his trip through Brazil.

When Crown contacted me about making a 20-second video for an upcoming speaking tour for them, I was thrilled! This would be my second time working with Crown, and I was so happy that they looked again to me to help tell their story. 

I am amazed, actually, at how much my clients trust me. While it can be intimidating to work with a client who wants to be involved heavily in creative direction (this can also be great!), to have a client who simply shares the scope of the project and then tells me to "do my thing," I think the stakes are even higher.

Speaking of high stakes, we only needed one take for this video, some quick editing and titles, and this project would be wrapped. Seems easy, right? But if we got that one take wrong, it would impact the whole project big time. And the final product had to be shot, edited, and final product delivered within 4 days. 

The day of shooting, I brought in reinforcement (David Britnell - thanks man!) to help load in and make sure that lighting, audio and camera looked great. We chose the angle, rearranged the decor a bit, moved some ticking clocks temporarily to another room, and set up the lights. 

To get the closeup on a slider while still being able to watch the main camera for focus and expression, I set up a second camera on my Rhino Slider with motion controls so I can program it to move exactly how I want. We also used Crown's teleprompter so that our talent (Mr. Bentley) would have easy recall of the cities he would be listing.

After a few takes and a few tweaks, we had what we all agreed was the perfect shot, so we packed up and called it a day. I loved this project because of the high stakes and quick turnaround. And I love Crown's heart behind what they do - empowering business leaders to lead with integrity and Biblical principles. I look forward to working with them again!