Entrepreners in Advanced Energy

Is your business complicated to understand? When you explain your business to a potential customer, do they zone out and change the subject? 

I hear that frustration OFTEN!

Video helps businesses break through that barrier. It helps their audience quickly "get it" - what the business does and why the audience should care.

The Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council approached me last year and wanted a series of videos that would create excitement around their mission and goals. They also wanted their video to provide a quick and easy way for non-members to understand what they did and why it mattered. I knew that by taking on this project, I would also need to learn and understand the material myself. I worked with their team to boil down numerous facts and figures to key words and simple ideas. 

After many "dumb" questions,  I felt confident that we had a clear direction for the videos, and production was just around the corner. As a director/interviewer, I've learned that the "dumb" questions often produce the most genuine responses on camera. They give the interviewee permission to relax a bit, and to be themselves. They can go off script if they want to, they can share why they really love what they do. And when that happens on camera, it's magic.

I've seen business owners who told me straight up they hated being on camera. BUT, after some time sharing their story with me, they opened up and admitted that "it was actually pretty easy" and that is success for me. When the people on camera feel confident, the video always reflects that.


Video can be about more than just telling a good story or marketing your product. An effective video will also communicate a clear message and takeaway for the audience. For this video, the message is that the TAEBC wants more entrepreneurs to come to Tennessee and create businesses in advanced energy, and in doing so, will create more jobs and bring more revenue to the state, improving lives and preserving our world. Think of the value of this video if people watch it, grasp the message, and do something about it. It would certainly impact our future. 

Do you have an idea for a video,  but are afraid it's too complicated? I'd love to learn about what you're doing and help you refine your story in a way that can be clearly communicated through video!