Concept: Create engaging, dramatic, informative online drug-free workplace training videos to certify employees and supervisors.

Deliverables: One 1-hour employee training video, one 2-hour supervisor training video, one preview snippet, and one 3-minute web tutorial video for online delivery.

This project was near to Sherwood Media's heart as a family member had passed away due to drug overdose while we were in production for these videos. Substance abuse is tragically harmful for both individuals and their families, so we were honored to help shed light on this issue and help bring hope and help for recovery. 

Because so many training videos get a bad rap for being cheesy, we brought in real rehab professionals, as well as a former addict who has been in recovery for over seven years to share their stories. We worked tirelessly on this project to make sure the script and scenes were just right. We filmed in actual warehouses and manufacturing facilities with real workers to help us understand the danger of coming into work impaired. We talked to real medical professionals to know substance abuse can affect an individual long-term. We recreated scenes in the workforce to show different signs to look for so that employees who notice that a coworker may be struggling has the tools to know how to begin that conversation. 

If you know someone who is struggling with substance abuse, please don't be afraid. Reach out and encourage them to find help. You might help them save their life.