TN Advanced Energy Business Council

Client: Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council, Strata-G, Silicon Ranch, Oak Ridge National Lab

Concept: To gives an informative, high-energy overview about opportunities in advanced energy in Tennessee, high-quality job creation, and future innovations.

Deliverables: 3 videos ("This is Advanced Energy," "Inside Advanced Energy," and "Innovations in Advanced Energy")

We traveled to all over East Tennessee and to Nashville to see what new things are happening with advanced energy. We heard from companies who are improving their processes to be more sustainable to see how they do it and why it matters. Every day was a huge learning experience as we talked to experts in the scientific community about everything from compressed natural gas to the world's most powerful supercomputer.

Through this project, we developed better resources to help the pre-production, production, and editing process flow smoothly, and we learned how to better color-grade and improve sound quality using Adobe Creative Cloud software.

This is Advanced Energy

Inside Advanced Energy

Innovations in Advanced Energy