Briston Maroney

Client: Briston Maroney

Concept: EP Album Cover Photography - this young boy has grown up and looks forward to a bright future in music

Deliverables: Digital photographs

I spent an early morning a few weeks back with Briston Maroney, a super-talented young lad who made it to American Idol's top 30 and is now preparing to release his brand-new EP.

For the shoot, he wanted the images to capture the transition he's in - from boyhood to manhood. As a senior in high school, he is no stranger to the challenges of balancing his music, friendships and finishing well in school. He shared his own story with me over coffee, his perspective unique and mature, but humble. 

He has been very fortunate in his life, but has managed not to take a single moment for granted, always giving thanks to his supports and fans, and working to share his music in a way that will be genuine. And he thinks deeply about life, purpose, and moving on, which you'll find in the lyrics of his songs.

I'm excited for the next season ahead for Briston. He's got an EP Release Show coming up on November 21 here in Knoxville, TN, and is dreaming up a tour at some point in the future. Check out his Facebook page for more good stuff.