Jason Terry's "Green Light Go"

Client: Jason Terry

Concept: A "clean country" music video about love and belonging

Deliverables: One music video exported for broadcast and web

I remember my first call with Jason Terry several months ago. Over the phone, he was kind, creative, and excited to create a music video with the launch of his new single "Green Light Go."

As we discussed different ideas and approaches, we arrived at the same conclusion - story. After just a few minutes, he bravely shared some of his own story of addiction, depression, and turning toward God to help him overcome those struggles.

On his website, he summarizes his story this way:

“I struggled and battled alcohol addiction for several years. On September 20, 2013, I found myself in a desolate field with a loaded pistol in my hand ready to end my life. I received a text from my mom that stated, ‘Maybe you should change your ways.’ At that point I dropped the pistol and asked God to take away all the pain and show me how to get out of the deep depression I was in. Later that day, I checked into a treatment facility where I began to rediscover who God made me to be.”

For this song, which is more lighthearted than his previous album entitled "Letting Go," Terry was looking for a fun way to tell the story of a couple who falls in love at a private show. I wrangled camera gear, lighting, and a crew, while he reached out to the "JT Family" who were excited to participate in the project as "extras," makeup artists, location assistants, and costume designers.

Our beloved Land Rover Discovery, loaded up with the essentials the night before the shoot.

Our beloved Land Rover Discovery, loaded up with the essentials the night before the shoot.

We spent the day in Townsend, Tennessee where we filmed in tall grass, on walking suspension bridges, and even in the river. Occasionally, a tube of vacationers would float by, and we smiled and waved. When filming was successfully wrapped two hours ahead of schedule, we loaded up the Disco and headed home for a much-needed shower and rest.

The results? Take a look and let me know what you think! We're pretty pleased.