Harvest Church

Client: Harvest Church

Concept: Create a short welcome video to let first-time visitors get a sense of what the service will be like and a greater sense of Harvest's values.

Deliverables: One 3-minute video for online delivery

My husband and I were walking through the mall the other day and passed a couple wearing matching t-shirts that read, "I love my church." Once we were clearly out of earshot, I looked up at Jonathan and remarked, "You know, the message on that couple's shirts was close, but they really missed it with one word - 'my.'"

Why couldn't this couple love THE Church, the body of Christ around the world that is made up of many different parts, that God blesses with gifts?

Why does it have to be a competition - because clearly my church is better than whatever church you're going to since we're wearing these shirts out in public! 

For the past two years, the Lord has been working on my heart using THE Church, a part of which I have come to know and love at Harvest. Not because they're the coolest, trendiest, church that produces a strong emotional response in me (though I will say that God has brought me to repentant, joyful, releasing tears many times through their ministry). But because they believe God and trust Him with their whole heart.