here's what you can expect when you work with us

“ Our mission is to create videos that capture the heart of our clients, and motivates their target audience to a desired action. ”

We care about doing quality work.

We are committed to listening and leading.

We are dedicated to your success.

And we've developed systems to ensure your production flows smoothly and your video is delivered on time and on budget.

Every video we create follows the same basic pattern: 

  1. Getting to Know You (Proposal to Contract)
  2. Pre-Production 
  3. Production
  4. Post-Production 
  5. Follow-Up

In 7 easy-to-follow steps, you can create a plan for a video that will grow your brand! This post includes free worksheets too!

1. Getting to know you

The first and most important step we take with our clients is a complimentary discovery call or meeting. During this call, we learn more about you, your business, and your vision for video. We'll also ask a series of questions that help us identify the needs of your specific project including budget, timeline, locations, and scope.

After we meet, we'll take all that information and create a customized proposal for your project.


We believe preparation matters. Together, we'll work through the logistics and planning required to make production run smoothly. We'll create the script or interview questions, scout locations, hire additional talent, secure props and wardrobe, and create the production schedule.


We come equipped with all the gear needed for a successful production, including cameras, lighting, audio, and grip gear. With our experience, we are able to set up beautiful shots for interviews in a variety of settings - indoor, outdoor, corporate, and creative.

But more than that, we have experience working with the person in front of the camera to help the individual come across natural and confident in the video. We’ll also collect b-roll, which are the beauty/action shots that appear on screen while a person is speaking.


The post-production process entails technical expertise and a critical eye on our part to ensure your video looks and sounds great. We are trained in color grading, audio mastering, and making every cut seamless to tell your story.

When your "rough cut" is ready, we’ll set up a time to view it together so you can give feedback and request changes. Once you’re happy with the video, it’s yours!

5. follow-up

We value our relationships with our clients and love hearing how their video is helping their business. If you have any questions about your video, we are happy to serve as a resource for you down the road, and would love to make more great videos with you! 

ADDITIONAL types of videos WE create: 

Narrative Short Films
Corporate Event Videos
Music Videos
Social Video Series
Educational/Training Videos
Product Spotlight Videos
Corporate Press Releases

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