We are storytellers and filmmakers

Story is the key to growing your business. A good story - one with a hero, with challenges, and with resolution - can do much more than statistics or a flashy website because it satisfies our emotional need to connect. It gives us a reason to care, and a clear message that we can relate to. That's why we incorporate story development into every project we take on.

We Believe in your story

You have a story worth telling. If you don't believe that, let us prove you wrong. We love working with small businesses and non-profits to discover and develop their story, to uncover their most compelling "why" and to reinvigorate the enthusiasm you had when you first got started. 

We have proven systems

Creativity flourishes with structure. We're able to spend our time focusing on story and letting our process carry us through logistics. We take all of our clients through the same basic process: 

  • Story development and strategy
  • Pre-Production: Research, logistics and script/storyboard
  • Production: Collecting interviews, b-roll, archival materials, 
  • Post-Production: Assembling footage, adding effects, adjusting color, mixing/mastering audio, review sessions, and final video delivery.

We are expert communicators

Not only does this help us tell great stories, but it keeping you informed about where things stand, what we’re working on, and what’s coming next.

Ready to get started?