The Sherwood Experience

Video content is everywhere.

It is the way ideas are communicated and how stories are shared.

You know you need it, but you don't know where to start. The cost, the time and effort, and the whole creative bit perhaps isn't in your wheelhouse. In fact, just thinking about sitting in front of the lights and camera trying to remember your talking points makes you want to quit.

Please don't quit.

Beauty shot from HGTV's "Crafternoon" web series we shot and edited in 2015.

Beauty shot from HGTV's "Crafternoon" web series we shot and edited in 2015.

Let us be your guide on this epic storytelling adventure.

We'll walk you through the creation process from initial concept meeting to final product. You are in the capable hands of a professional who is there to equip you, who will work creatively to capture the essence of why your work matters, and who will skillfully edit the pieces together.

Here's what you can expect along the way.


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    This is the most critical stage of the whole process. The video is everything and it is nothing until we refine the concept and start planning the shoot. We will spend time with you reviewing the video concept, deliverables, and timeline, and if possible, we will scout the filming location.

    From there, we'll draw up our plans which usually consist of a script, storyboard or shot list, interview questions, and logistical details which we will package into a production book. 

    I'll also send resources that can help you prepare for the day of. This will include things like what to avoid wearing, the best spots for an interview, and tips on speaking in front of a camera.

    What we will need from you

    • Any material that will help us get to know your story
    • Contact information for locations/talent we'll need for filming
    • Access and permissions to facilities for filming



    The day has arrived! We will bring our crew, our gear, and our best foot forward to production, and will make sure that we work efficiently so you can relax and focus on telling your story. 

    Being in the "hot seat" in front of camera is really more like being in an easy chair - our interview style is conversational, so you'll have an engaging, attentive person to tell your story to and prompt you for the best content you can deliver.

    What is "B-Roll"? 

    This question is super common when discussing a project with our clients. B-Roll is any footage that plays over the interview. Say I'm talking about my jewelry company and the way that I craft the metal with special tools - you'll want to see what I'm talking about! So any footage of the tools, of the work happening, archival video and old photographs, aerial shots of the city where I live, and anything that can set the scene or give more detail to the story - that's b-roll.


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    Ah, the editing process. For every hour or so of footage, comes about a minute of final video. During post-production, we review footage, make notes, and cut together the interviews and b-roll to tell the story. 

    You'll have the opportunity to be involved in the editing process as well. We'll review the rough cut with you for your initial thoughts and feedback, then go back to the editing room to make the necessary changes, add the final touches, and send you the final product.

    Here are the steps we take in editing to ensure everything is perfect.

    • Color grading each shot for white balance and exposure
    • Audio mixing and mastering
    • Selecting a "look" for all on-screen text
    • Adding music and mastering audio
    • Reviewing each shot and transition
    • Exporting to your specifications (1080p for youtube, vimeo, etc)