5 Creative Ways to Use Video on Your Website

The 3-minute website video is a key tool for business growth and customer connection - those are the videos that we're most passionate about and create every day! But what if you want to take your company's creativity to the next level with a different style of video? We've collected a few of our favorite share-worthy, out-of-the box ideas to generate traffic and interest in your organization.

1. Dramatic PSA

A memorable message can be the difference of life and death. This PSA on wearing seat belts is powerful because it creates the feeling of being saved in a car accident without needing to hammer audiences with gruesome real-life images. The imaginative element with mother and daughter stepping in as the seatbelt connects wearing a seat belt to love and family. Creating a dramatic PSA that touches your audiences can be a powerful tool to create positive change in a community, as well as promote your cause or brand.

2. Instructional Video Narrative

Product and training videos don't have to be boring, they can tell a story too. This Canon instructional video incorporates elegant b-roll and shows how seamlessly their product can be incorporated in daily life.

3. Global Impact

This documentary-style short film shows the impact that Samsung is making in Ethiopia, by providing light to a village, while highlighting the people and culture of that area. If your organization reaches out to other nations, think about capturing and telling the story there, it could encourage other organizations to do the same.

4. Customer Feature Story

Sharing the story of a customer whose life has changed and improved because of your product or service is a powerful testimony and helps potential customers see how their lives can be impacted as well. See how this video tells the story of how Jarvis has benefitted from a local network of entrepreneurs to help him balance work and family, and how the things he has learned in the process can encourage viewers in their daily life.

5. Comedy

Never underestimate the power of a good laugh. Take the Dollar Shave Club video, or the Toyota's Swagger Wagon music video series, for example. Videos with comedy show the human side of an organization as they trade business jackets for rubber chickens. This style may not work for everyone, but when it works, it can make a big statement!

Whatever route you decide on for your company's video masterpiece, remember to be authentic, and have fun with it! Learn more about our process at Sherwood Media, or contact us to start the conversation for your next video.